Local Hop

Comesier beers are recognized for their premium quality, pure and refreshing taste and use of local ingredients.

Local Honey



August 2021
Bronze for our Comesier Tripel in the World Beer Awards 2021 in the 'Belgian Style Tripel' category! We are extremely proud that our first participation in this prestigious beer contest resulted in this great reward!


October 2020
Comesier Kriek
A new edition to our gamma.
Comesier kriek 6.5% Fresh and fruity and brewed with love.


April 2020
Comesier brengt je dagelijkse coronatest op de markt. Drink elke dag een Comesier en geniet ervan. De dag dat de Comesier je niet smaakt betekent dat je besmet bent met het Virus. Verkrijgbaar op onze webshop !


August 2019
Aftrsun 2019
Derde editie Comesier voor Comesier als hofleverancier op dit festival.
Drink local with locals and friends all over the world


May 2019
A second beer
Comesier Citra 5.9%
Fresh and Hoppy. Bottled for non-stop drinking

October 2017

Comesier is possibly the first ever growing hops in the microclimate of Wolfsdonk and using it in their beers. Enjoy the unique experience of Comesier beer brewed with local hops and honey!


September 2017
Ruiterschool Speelhoven
Horses and a good atmosphere combined with a good beer.
Enjoy and relax just ask for Comesier.


August 2017
Aftrsun Festival
Comesier goes crazy and parties all weekend.
Drinks, fun and for sure moments to remember.


July 2017
Streekmuseum De Reinvoart
Chooses for Quality Regional Products
Every sunday you can taste Comesier
in Hageland anno 1900 atmosphere

May 2017
Comesier in the news
Read the article here


April 2017
Launch Wolfsboenker bier by Comesier™
Come and have a sip at Friday 14/04/2017
Parochie zaal 'Den Abt' Wolfsdonk


April 2017
Josterwijckse Bierfeesten
Come and get a Comesier beer
Saturday 15 and Sunday 16/04/2017
Zaal Centrum Houtvenne

March 2017
Proudly we present the first availability of Comesier Beer at March 30 2017.
At this moment only a triple beer will be available but more research is done to get a second beer in production.
So stay-tuned for more Comesier news.

Februari 2017

Comesier Triple presales launch. Marketing campaign is launched.

Welcome to our site


Comesier happened as an accident, we poured some water, malt, hop and yeast in a pot and started stirring in the pot. Magic happened when we tasted it.
We called it drinkable but a dude tolds us it's not just drinkable. It's 'Mind blowing' good. From then on there was no way back. People started begging to get a bottle. They started to stalk us.
Police came around and wanted to know what the fuss was about. They wanted proof and tasted themselves. That was our biggest mistake. We got visits of the cops every week, they wanted more beer from Comesier. The only way out was commercialize it. And see here Comesier triple was born.

Our Beers

  • Comesier Triple

    Comesier Tripel

    Full of flavor and 7.9°alc

  • Comesier Kriek

    Comesier Kriek

    Fruity, Little Sour and Little Sweet 6.5°alc

  • Comesier Citra

    Comesier Citra

    Fresh and Hoppy 5.9°alc

What people say


After driving 150km with my bike on Sunday morning this is the exact thing I need to get my strength back.
It now belongs to my Sunday morning ritual.


After work I need to unstress and a bottle (sometimes a few) of Comesier Triple gives me the courage to go home and face my wife again.
Thank God this Comesier Triple was invented.


Verleden weekend Comesier geproefd. Hemels!!! Waar nieuwe bieren doorgaans te vergelijken valt met andere tripels is deze godendrank uniek. Ga hem dit weekend op mijn BBQ serveren...


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